Rise in day time temperature expected

Trough of low at mean sea level over southeast bay of Bengal adjoining equatorial Indian ocean persists. Light rain is likely to occur over parts of Arunachal Pradesh and parts of western coastal area of Kerala today.
Generally dry and hot weather to prevail over rest of India. Many of parts of Southern Tamil Nadu and Interior TN to have medium rain between 12th and 15th March 2018.

City Outlook:
Chennai – Sky will be partly cloudy. Minimum and maximum temperature is likely to be around 22 and 33° C.
Vellore – Partly cloudy with a shower in the afternoon. Maximum temperature may soar to 35° C.
Madurai – Partly cloudy with warm weather expected. City may witness maximum temperature of 36° C.
Trichy – Mostly sunny with maximum Temperature of 35° C.
Coimbatore – Partly cloudy with maximum heat of 36° C.