Scattered showers forecast across the state

Under the influence of a weak low pressure area, light scattered showers are expected across TN, over the next couple of days. Numerical weather models indicate considerable weakening of the sub continental ridge, along with a change in wind directions allowing maritime moisture into the peninsula. Precipitation coverage is expected to increase over Wednesday with interiors holding higher chances. Cloudy weather conditions will persist along with seasonal average daytime/nighttime temperature through this week.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Clear day becoming cloudier. High of about 29 degrees and a low of about 25 degrees.

Vellore – Showers developing towards the noon with a high of about 30 degrees.

Madurai – Scattered thunderstorms with a high of about 32 degrees and a low of about 24 degrees.

Trichy – Mostly cloudy with light showers along with a high of about 32 degrees.

Coimbatore – Late evening mild to moderate showers expected over the industrial city. High of about 32 degrees and a low of about 22 degrees.