Scattered Thunderstorms in South Peninsula

Its that time of the year when the dynamics of Monsoon transitions slowly from SWM to NEM. With Westerlies coming to a total rest over most parts of South Peninsula, unsettled wind patterns has taken over, which fuels instability in the atmosphere. With more moisture available, evening Thundershowers has become a regular feature in the interior parts of South Peninsula more so in ghats of Kerala, Karnataka and parts of South Interiors of Karnataka. This should augur yet another day of rains for South Peninsula including the cities of Bangalore, Mysore, Coimbatore and Salem.

Whereas, in extreme North West parts of the country, withdrawal of SWM is expected to begin in another 3 days, with a delay of almost a month. But withdrawal line is expected to move along swiftly to cover almost until Central India in double quick time, reason being absence of rain bearing troughs, circulations and extension of anti-cyclone from NW India. Over Tamilnadu, interiors of West and South TN continue to receive heavy downpours by noon/evening. Elsewhere in the state, humid and partly cloudy conditions will prevail and temperatures continue to remain near normal for this time of the year.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Partly cloudy, humid and warm with highs of 34C and lows of 27C. Very bleak chance of rains.

Vellore – Very warm and partly cloudy with max of 35C. Night will remain warm at 26C. Chance of an odd shower in the vicinity.

Trichy – Hot and sunny as days will settle at 36C followed by a warm night at 26C

Madurai – Warm and muggy turning wet in the evening. Temperatures will settle at 35/25C

Coimbatore – Slightly warm and humid with a chance of a shower in the vicinity. Day highs of 33C and lows of 23C will prevail.