Slight increase in rains over Coastal Tamil Nadu

After remaining muted for most of November thus far, chances of revival of North East Monsoon rains are noted in Coastal Tamil Nadu amidst growing concerns of below average rains in the crucial rainy month. Though a major monsoon system is not in sight, moist Easterlies from Bay is guided by the monsoon winds which can precipitate over large areas of Coastal Tamil Nadu as for today. Interiors of the state can catch up on the rains by noon or evening though it would not be heavy.

Monsoon would stay sedate atleast until November 3rd week after which there is a chance of enhanced precipitation and this period now is considered to be crucial for the seasonal rainfall tally. Elsewhere in North, unseasonal rains/hail would fall over Rajasthan and seasonal snow/rains are forecast for Himachal Jammu and Kashmir.