South East coast all set to welcome the “Trade” winds (Easterlies)

It’s a well known fact that Indian economy is vitally linked with the performance of the monsoon cos of the vast water resources spread far and wide across the country.
The distribution of Monsoon is ever so crucial for production of food grains and generation of hydro electric power. Here’s where the connect between the “Trade Winds” (Easterlies), moisture and precipitation assumes significant importance.
The North East Monsoon region, Tamil Nadu in particular banks heavily on the precipitation reserves it accumulates during the 70- 75 day window beginning from Mid October till December end.

Here is where, the South East coast of India is all set to welcome the annual Trade Winds (Easterlies) to make its presence felt and bring in the much needed moisture flow and enhance the precipitation accumulation in the water bodies and its “Bank” branches across the region.
This is also the time when we expect the East coast region (ECR) to buzz around with expectations of few pulses from South China Sea into the Bay waters.

The deposits or precipitation reserve accumulate in various forms from a Trough of Low or from a potent Cyclonic storm. The monsoon region would dearly love to extend its precipitation mobilization drive in the form of steady moisture flow till the end of the season and thereby ensure a stress free period of reserves in the months to come..

North East Monsoon ..Yes …It remains “The monsoon to every Indian” in this region.. Not just that..It stands as “The faithful & Friendly monsoon”

Will forever remain as. “Your own Monsoon” And surely.” A good monsoon to grow with”

And finally..A monsoon “you can bank upon”

Credit: Data has been complied by Dr. Y.E.A. Raj & B. Geetha. RMC Madras.