Stage all set for the monsoon (2019) curtains to roll over

The stage is all set for the monsoon curtain to roll over amidst the emotional backdrop of not letting it go without a telling statement or a signature as one may prefer. It’s indeed time to reflect on what could easily go down as an intriguing season ( SWM & NEM) punctuated with lot of surprises.

The monsoon journey began as early as May for TN interiors and typically started for KTC region from June. SWM the more loyal and trusted lieutenant lived up to the reputation and brought smiles all over the country not before having a jolly good extended stay ever known in the history.

Meanwhile, the retreading monsoon was waiting on its heels to take over the reins much to the delight of weather watchers amidst humongous expectations all over. Time for the winds to change direction. Time for cloud’s to roll over from north east. Time to keep an eye on the wee hour downpour. Yes, it’s time for the ever popular winter monsoon to throw it’s weight around after a rollicking South West monsoon slogathon right from the word go. Added to the excitement was the dismal show an year back and expecting it to come good in 2019.
Every single Numerical weather model runs were scanned again and again to check what’s is in store. Typically, weather watchers were kept on tenterhooks. Mid October it is. Finally, the heavens opened up and to the delight of the craving souls.
The stage is set for the cool moisture laden easterly breeze (waves), The fascinating scent out of the earth from the first rain drop, the everlasting beauty of water droplets running down the grass blades.
Yes. The shear joyful, melody of monsoon rain and the beauty it brings along. Yes, the monsoon has arrived. It arrives in style bringing delirious reception from its fans. 
Typically, never fails to ignite the passion and calm the nerves, against the backdrop of too much suspense that builds up without fail. The roaring thunder n downpour around mid October set the ball rolling, lived up to its hype befitting the sky high, voluminous expectations from all and sundry. 
The onset spell had all the Tell-Tale signs of more to follow and the wee hour downpours did impress one and all.
A lot has been discussed on how well the Arabian branch had the final say with systems queuing up to make a meal out of Some favorable environment all along.

The dominant Arabian branch literally cornered all the limelight leaving the Bay in the lurch and in the dark and was left hoping to see light at the end of the tunnel. The story of one + many systems that took shape over the last few months quite resembled the ever popular “Arabian Nights” and all the classic tales we have come to know for a long time.

The eternal mystery surrounding the monsoon and the limited quantum we get, paves way for each one of us to dwell deep and to find the elusive answers. Had it not been a system driven monsoon, it may not have provided an opportunity to explore, seek the intricacies surrounding it. Understanding North East monsoon will remain a ever learning process and the need to dig deep and deeper is the need of the hour without compromising, looking beyond the known factors, finding the unknown path without complicating too much.