Stale and warm conditions with odd storms over Tamil nadu

Heat is ON in large tracts of Tamil nadu as clear conditions prevail and incidence of sun rays are direct over the equator. Stale and very warm weather is forecast for next few days even as winds die down at surface levels. Dry weather would prevail over most parts of Tamil nadu except over South Interior and West Interior TN adjoining ghats where it would be isolated. NEM is not in foreseeable future as SWM is still struggling to devolve from Indian Subcontinent with historical delays.

But the increased Thunderstorm activity over South Interior Peninsula is very much indicative of transition weather settling in, as widespread rains shows up with greater aplomb. Heavy rains are forecast for Interior Karnataka and Kerala which would majorly be in the form of evening storms. Rains might spread it’s wings to as far as parts of Telengana and Interior Maharashtra. Possibility of showers exist for one last time over Rajasthan where withdrawal might begin in a week or so.