Stray showers possible over coastal Tamil Nadu

Chances of odd shower or two exists for coastal Tamilnadu as weak Easterlies prevail. Though the official monsoon tally comes to a close, the withdrawal of North East Monsoon from the South Peninsular India is still a few days away with seasonal high pressure still missing. Day highs would be closer to seasonal averages unlike the minimum temperature which is still on the higher side given the time of the year, all thanks to cloud cover. Until second week of January, there is no change in the weather from above.

In Central and adjoining East Central India, unseasonal rains are forecast accompanied by hails as moist easterlies meet the westerlies. Parts of North East might catch up on some rains too. Elsewhere in North, cold wave has abated for time being after a long run, but impending Western disturbance early next week might bring in another round of chill.