SWM onset expected in 48 hours

Much awaited South West Monsoon is expected to hit Kerala coast on June 8th. “An east-west shear zone between 3.1 km and 4.5 km above mean sea level runs roughly along Lat. 7°N across Maldives-Comorin area. It is very likely to shift northwards, gradually leading to favourable conditions for onset of southwest monsoon over Kerala around 8 June,” the IMD said.

Conditions are likely to become favourable for the monsoon to advance in some parts of northeastern states during the next three to four days.

Convective, thunderstorm activity is likely to continue over parts of TN interiors, North TN and pockets of West regions of the state.

Heatwave conditions set to continue over Rajasthan, MP & Vidharbha during the next few days.