Tamil Nadu To Bear Searing Heat

Yet another hot and dryish day up ahead in the Southern peninsula as the southwest monsoon slowly slips into its chill grave. Isolated showers, however, cannot be ruled out as a storm or two could flare up due to convective activity in the southern peninsula. Some scattered showers could occur in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with light-moderate rains falling across Karnataka and Kerala coasts.
City Outlook:
Chennai – A hot and humid day ahead with chances of showers in the evening. Maximum temperatures of 37-38 C likely.
Madurai – Balmy noon ahead with the maximum temperature peaking at 38 C. Thunderstorms could occur in the evening
Trichy – Blistering heat ahead for Trichy as temperatures could soar up to 36-37 C. Showers possible in the evening.
Vellore – Warm day paved with maximum temperatures of 34-35 C. Rains could fall in the district by night
Coimbatore – A moderately hot day ahead with mild maximum temperatures of 32-33 C. Light rains possible.
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