TC “BUREVI” loses its steam a bit – Expected to chug across STN albeit the cyclone status

Tropical Cyclone Burevi weakened into a Low over the early hours of yesterday. Delta regions of Tamilnadu received their much Anticipated Monsoon downpours in the last 24-36 hours . The rains are likely to continue into the weekend after which they are likely to gradually decrease. Few pockets of Central Tamilnadu are likely to get Heavy to very heavy rainfall with few places crossing 100 mms of rain in 24 hours Comprehensively. Cyclone Burevi has pushed Tamilnadu into the Normal Category with respect to the Statistics. In the next 24-48 hours, Chennai city too is likely to experience intermittent Light-mod showers which could be heavy at times.

After Cyclone Burevi?

The coming days after the present system weakens are likely to be void of significant rains. But there are encouraging signs post December 15th for another Tropical event. But it’s like to be Contingent.