The “Heat Express” rails along merrily

Most parts of east and adjoining central India continue to remain in the grip of Heat wave conditions. The highest maximum temperature of 45.7 C was recorded at Titlagarh (Odisha). In contrast to this, a little further east and north, states like Assam and Meghalaya continue to enjoy Pre Monsoon rains with pleasant weather conditions. Down south, the peninsular region is hot and dry with parts of Telangana and Rayalaseema continuing to suffer under heat wave conditions with not much relief foreseen in the near future.
Tamil Nadu will remain hot and dry as well. The interior districts of the state will be quite hot and uncomfortable through the day, whereas, the coastal districts including Chennai will get some relief in the form of sea based winds in the afternoon and evening hours.
City Forecast:
Chennai to remain hot and humid with a maximum day time high of 36/37 C.
Coimbatore will see a hot day with maximum settling close to 37/38 C
Trichy will experience an other hot and dry day with maximum touching 39/40 C
Madurai to stay hot and sultry with a day time high touching almost close to 40 C
Vellore will have a hot day with a day time high of 39/40C