The Hope (RED CARPET laid) remains. The Bay doesn’t throw in the TOWEL as yet

North East Monsoon 2019 thus far has lived up to its reputation of being highly. Volatile, enigmatic and at times effervescent and has yet again Left an impression of being predictably unpredictable.
The Bay Branch has almost remained a Non starter and has literally thrown a “BLANKET” ban on the known disturbances ( systems) viz a LpA, WML, Depression and the like..
On the other side of the peninsula the Arabian branch has gone berserk and till date is seen in a belligerent mood laying a glittering “RED CARPET” and has remained a perfect host since the monsoon season began.
The Boss of Bays has remained a mute spectator this season pondering the next course of action and has almost been left stranded much to the amusement of all and sundry.
The core North East monsoon region hasn’t seen a “WAIVER” of sorts (systems) in total thanks to the string of strong EASTERLY WAVE that has more or less been the talking Point and has ensured a fair run of play across the peninsula.
What’s more in stock as we move onto the fag end of the season. Will the Bay Branch regroup for one final push and be counted or would choose to play a second fiddle to the ARB branch. Numerical models seem to suggest some meaningful activity around the second fortnight and hopefully the BAY doesn’t throw in the TOWEL as yet and sign off the season in a befitting manner it’s known for.