The Monsoon “Trimester” moves into the crucial November month

North East Monsoon, A grand event in the Indian meteorological calender is also the keenly awaited one amongst the Meteorologists and weather watchers alike.

There’s so much love for North East Monsoon amongst us and the sheer beauty of the moisture laden Easterlies keeps us together to welcome it and perhaps hum the following beautifully written lines..
Yes “Ninaivellam North East Monsoon” for many of us here..

நீ தானே ( NEM) எந்தன் பொன் வசந்தம்
புது ராஜ வாழ்க்கை நாளை உன் சொந்தம்

ஆஹா…நீதானே எந்தன் பொன் வசந்தம்
புது ராஜ வாழ்க்கை நாளை உன் சொந்தம்

என் வாசல் ஹே வரவேற்கும் அன்னேரம்.

A monsoon which is so volatile in nature and for all the complexity as wide & large as the Pacific ocean never ceases to keep the adrenaline on a high and a good monsoon invariably enhances the availability of serotonin to help regulate our monsoon moods which contributes to well being and happiness.

The monsoon (Trimester) has begun well with October seeing more than average precipitation quantum over the state of TN and the momentum to be maintained till the end of the monsoon Trimester.
At the same time we fervently hope the performance of October month isn’t anything like a “Placebo effect” or a response in accordance with the humongous expectations amongst us.
It’s often said, when there is hope, there is life. November, the most crucial month of the monsoon Trimester has just begun and this more or less decides the overall outcome and the resultant well being of one and all.
“Well begun is half done”
We sincerely hope, that this age old say holds a huge ” SAY” on our regions monsoon too.