Thundershowers drench interior Tamil Nadu

Wind discontinuity runs from North Interior Karnataka to South Interior Tamil Nadu via South Interior Karnataka. This is instrumental in propelling Thundershowers over interior parts of Tamil Nadu for the past two days. Today will be no different with Thundershowers popping over several areas in central and southern interiors by afternoon. Full blown storms occur by evening providing relief from the warm noon climes. Madurai Coimbatore Salem are the major cities which are expected to benefit from the rains.

Most parts of Kerala will see rains by evening which will form over the ghats and move towards the coast. South Interior Karnataka is forecast to receive widespread rains including Bangalore. North eastern states along with Bengal continue to witness seasonal Thundershowers and hails.


City Outlook:

Chennai – Very warm and sunny with highs of 36C, nights will continue to be unpleasant at 27C.

Vellore – Very warm day turning wet late in the afternoon as Thundershowers approach the town. Temperatures will settle at 37C/24C.

Trichy – Very warm noon with highs settling at 35C and lows at 26C. Chances of Thundershowers in the proximity.

Madurai – Warm and partly cloudy day turning wet by evening. Highs of 35C and lows of 25C is expected.

Coimbatore – Warm day followed by a wet evening, temperatures remain balmy in the range of 33C and 23C.