Thunderstorm season likely to begin next week

Thunderstorm season likely to get started in Chennai and other coastal districts of TN any time between June 3 and 6

Much awaited thunderstorm season will start over Chennai city from June as the Southwest monsoon starts to progress over India. North coastal Tamil Nadu’s TS season will last from June to September month. For the past few months we have been seeing that the thunderstorms form over interiors and rarely move towards the coast. But it will not be the case from June. As the westerly winds pick up speed, the thunderstorms forming over Interior Tamil Nadu with move to coastal Tamil Nadu and provide much needed rains.

Forecast for the season (June – September)

Initial Multi model ensemble forecast suggest that North Tamil Nadu including Chennai city is very likely to see a good thunderstorm season

Pattern of Thunderstorm rainfall Over TN and Coastal TN

  • These thunderstorms form only during afternoon, evening duration. They rarely form during early morning hours.
  • These thunderstorms do not have long life span unless there is any Synoptic activity nearby ( such as LPA, D etc) . They are capable of producing hails too.
  • During this season interiors will get more rain than coastal areas, as the storms will have West to East movement.
  • These Thunderstorms are hit or miss type, generally they are Isolated.. only a few times they are widespread provided synoptic activity near by.

June climate for Chennai : Chennai city has an average of 60mm of rainfall falling in the month of June with 4 no of rainy days. It will increase as we go into July. The temperatures are expected to be on higher side as there will be delay in sea breeze as westerlies will be strong.