Thunderstorms to keep its date over South Peninsula

After a lengthy dry spell, seasonal thundershowers are set to return over many parts of South Peninsula in the first week of September. Lull in the monsoon activity down South, is attributed to the chain of monsoonal low pressure systems, which wrecked havoc over parts of Central India and Gujarat in previous weeks. As the monsoonal systems wind down from sub continent, conditions has become conducive for thunderstorm activities to kick-start over South Peninsula. In this pretext, many parts of Tamilnadu Rayalaseema, South Interior Karnataka, ghats of Kerala will see heightened rainfall activity in the coming week, generally in the form of heavy thunderstorms.

What’s more notable in the upcoming spell is the widespread nature of the storms which can last long, provide heavy rainfall in some places with thunders lightning and gale force winds. Interior parts of Tamilnadu will see widespread heavy rains alongside coastal parts of the state where rains would be isolated/scattered. Day time temperatures would settle at seasonal ranges except for the humidity which will be on the higher side.

Monsoon rains will taper out from today in flood hit Gujarat Madhya Pradesh as the existing low pressure system will die down eventually. Parts of Rajasthan which was seeing wet weather in last 3/4 days will also see notable reduction in rains.