TN’s tryst with thunderstorms to continue

Convective thunderstorms will continue in various parts of TN as land based heating increases at this time of the year. A persistent North-South aligned trough extends across the peninsula along the East Coast. Westerly winds will continue and strengthen its hold ushering the onset of the upcoming summer monsoon.
Meanwhile, the trend of hot days and warm sultry nights – a well-known characteristic of Indian Summer, will persist.
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City Outlook:
Chennai – Mostly clear with a high of 38 degrees C and a low of 29 degrees C
Madurai – Partly cloudy and hot – High of about 39 degrees C with a chance of thunderstorms in the evening
Trichy – Typical summer day with a high of about 38 degrees and a low of 27 degrees C. Late evening thunderstorms possible.
Coimbatore – Partly cloudy with a high of about 34 degrees and a low of about 24 degrees C
Vellore – Very warm with a high of about 37 degrees C. High possibility of severe evening thunderstorms on this day.