Upcoming MJO Wave & its probable influence on our NEM

MJO the global transporter of moisture seems to be arriving in our basin in favourable phases from 12th November.

This may enhance the rainfall in coming days until it moves out of our region. It looks to stay over our region during peak monsoon season i.e Nov 10 –Dec 10 as the above ECM and CFS charts reflects it.

Leading Model outlooks on precipitation outputs for the upcoming days too justifies this propagation to be favourable enough.

 JMA also predicts the active convective zone shifting towards us in coming days. The blue shaded regions are active moisture ascending zones which was favourable for system genesis and enhanced precipitation.

Hence on an Optimistic view, there might be an enhanced rainfall activity over the regions(IO,AS & BOB) under the influence of this upcoming MJO wave. Let us hope it covers all the regions which are dependant on NEM rainfall.

Disclaimer:- This outlook is totally based on Model predictions, and the only choice left with us is keeping Faith in nature.  There is no warranty or guarantee while dealing with Nature.