Northeast monsoon, a word which makes weather enthusiasts of TN jump in joy with all excitements. The early morning eastern skies filled with puffy cumulus, the gusty chill breeze from the Northeast in the evenings, nippy mornings and most importantly the rains from our very own Bay of Bengal systems are all the beauties of our Monsoon. Villains are always a part and parcel of any event isn’t it, without our famous Mid-latitude Villains NEM doesn’t exist. In fact these villains at times become heroes too. Running Models, colorful charts, accordingly the swinging moods of our bloggers will surely make us both happy as well as depressed at times.

After such a long wait all through the October, our soulful Northeast Monsoon 2020 is here with all good. Though it’s going to be a moderate onset, the fact that our monsoon is here finally is all needed at the moment. It’s time for us to live the moment, enjoy the first rains from east, the breezy weather after a long 6 months of warm and sultry weather.

Coming to current conditions, the Southwest monsoon underwent a rapid phase of withdrawal during the last week or so and today it has withdrawn from the entire country paving way for Northeast monsoon. The dry continental winds have started to descend over Southern peninsula which is a good indication that the seasonal transition is almost complete. The meeting of dry continental air and moist easterlies (commonly mentioned as the dry-moist air boundary) caused by the circulation off NTN coast is going to create conducive conditions for the first batch of NEM rains to develop. These bands are likely to be pushed towards the coast as the day progresses. As dry air storms always deal with the case of fine margins, a perfectly placed storm or storm with quite a good progress of movement towards the coast is the need of the hour.

It’s time to enjoy our first batch of easterly rains and keep the worries about future performance of the monsoon aside.