Western Ghats under renewed monsoon spell

Active monsoon conditions returns back to traditional monsoon zones of Western Ghats and Central India on the back of a well marked low pressure prevailing over East Madhya Pradesh and North Chattisgarh. Heavy rains are forecast for West coast & Ghats and Madhya Pradesh. This monsoon system has been instrumental in pulling the Westerlies back on track in Arabian sea after a long run of weak monsoon conditions. Another low pressure area is expected to form early next week to keep the monsoon chug along in mid August which will be vital for adding upto the seasonal rainfall tally.

Active Monsoon conditions prevails in Kerala and the ghats under the state has got heavy rains. Nilgiris and Coimbatore ghats continue to receive fairly widespread rains for another day or two. Places adjoining ghats in Tamil Nadu will see pleasant weather and other parts of the state will see relatively milder climes. Stray evening downpours cannot be ruled out.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Less cloudy and humid with max of 36C and min of 28c. Isolated showers expected in the evening.

Coimbatore – pleasant and cloudy with max of 29c and min of 22c. Isolated showers possible.

Madurai – Sunny day with max of 36c and min of 26c.

Trichy – Clear and warm with max of 36c and min of 28c.

Vellore – Sunny and warm with max of 37c and min of 29c. Isolated showers possible.