Wet spell in the offing for Coastal Tamil Nadu

Fag end monsoon push is all set to provide beneficial rains to coastal Tamilnadu, with the impetus being provided by the oncoming easterly wave from Bay of Bengal. The current spell of rains are expected to last atleast until Sunday. Heavier falls are expected over South Coastal areas in Ramanathapuram Tirunelveli and Tuticorin districts. Delta and Northern Tamilnadu are expected to witness light to moderate rains. Interiors of the state would receive invariable showers at times. On the longer run, the health of the monsoon is reliant on the course and the latitudinal alignment of systems which form in the near seas which is too early to predict as for now.

Whereas Arabian sea is rife with cluster of systems spinning around and one of them is a cyclone (Pawan) targeting horn of Africa off Somalian waters. With Positive Indian Ocean Dipole driving all this, anamalous wet weather would persist over East Africa in general. Back in North India, minimum temperatures will continue to fall in the plains with dense fog prevailing in patches.