Widespread rainfall over Tamil Nadu expected to continue

An easterly wave is impacting coastal areas of Tamil Nadu is likely to bring widespread intermittent rains over many districts. As there is no proper system nearby , the rains will be kind of intermittent one. Coastal areas with see rains from midnight to early morning hours, while interiors will see rains during afternoon hours. Unlike previous rains, these rains will be widespread one and hopefully most stations in Tamil Nadu will receive rains.

Forecast for Chennai city

Intermittent rainfall likely with breaks in between. Most of the rains will fall between Midnight to early morning hours. The pattern will be like rain- sun- rain – sun.

MJO the master wave –

Finally the time has comeā€¦ It’s time to welcome the master player of our monsoon .. the one and only MJO ( Madden Julian oscillation)!!.

Suppression is set to move away as leading weather models are predicting MJO likely to enter Indian Ocean by Nov 2nd week bringing huge amount of moisture and good conductive atmosphere for low-pressures to develop over bay and Arabian sea. Northeast monsoon will turn vigorous from this period.