Withdrawal of South West Monsoon commences

The South west monsoon has started withdrawing from parts of Rajasthan.  Conditions are becoming favourable for further withdrawal of SWM from remaining parts of Rajasthan, some parts or Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and some more parts of Gujarat during the next 2-3 days

Scattered moderate to light rains have been occurring in the interior TN over the past few days, this would continue for a day or two. Under the influence of a few synoptic features, the conditions look good for the TN coast as well and along the south peninsula.

City Outlook:

Chennai – Mostly cloudy. Few places in the city may get an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the late evening/night. Maximum temperature would settle around 34° C
Vellore – Mostly  cloudy with maximum temperature of 33° C and has a  chance of  thundershowers in day/evening.
Madurai – partly cloudy  with maximum temperature of  36° C. Region may have light rain.
Trichy – Partly cloudy with maximum temperature of  37° C. Remote chances for thunderstorms.
Coimbatore – Mostly cloudy with Max Temperature of 32° C . Drizzle possible in the region.